Online marketplace for fresh produce Fruitspot due to launch in August

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Online fruit & veg trading site Fruitspot will officially launch at the start of August and has already signed up over 200 UK companies, including major retailers.

The US ­based matchmaking site, which pairs supermarket buyers in need of emergency fruit & veg supplies with sellers across the globe, was setup to enable growers and buyers to better deal with supply and demand imbalances. It will be available in more than 100 countries.

“We are a real-time window for people who are looking to buy or sell fresh products in the spot market,” says Jose BaptistaFruitspot’s CEO. The company has built a network of users that includes more than 45,000 growers, shippers, distributors and retailers from the US, Latin America and Europe. All these companies are verified before their first transaction in order to provide security to Fruitspot users. 

Fruitspot has also established a network of country managers in the most important markets across the US, Europe, and Latin America – with local representatives in countries such as Brazil, Chile, and Spain.

Fruitspot is also a partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), as part of their 10-year Sustainable Food Systems Programme. Thirty percent of food that is produced globally is wasted before it even reaches consumers. The UN is confident that Fruitspot has the ability to contribute as part of their global efforts to reduce food waste.

To view their website, CLICK HERE.

There have been a number of similar ventures such as this in recent times with limited success, so will be very interesting to see how this particular model develops. What do you think? Will it work?